I’m Rachael Downie, Success Mentor, Author and Speaker.

I used to pour lots of time, money and effort into my work and business but never seemed to get ahead. I’ve found that many people feel that way. Even though I had several degrees, a career and a family I just didn’t sense that I achieved enough to make a difference.

Now I help people to unlock the potential inside of themselves and those around them be it with their business, their staff or their families.

Whether I’m mentoring a CEO or a start-up, one thing I’ve learned is; “You can’t outperform your self-image.” 

What is your self-image?

It’s that inner part of you, created in response to what you think everybody else thinks about you. It impacts the money you earn, your success in business, your relationships, your health. It affects everything.

If you want to change your results this is where it all begins.

You cannot outperform your

Rachael Downie

Take what you do from good to great.

Those things could be leadership, health, profits, or relationships.

Even if things are right in your world, there is more you can do to improve your results. Then you can learn how to coach your staff so they can reach their potential, develop better relationships with clients or family, increase productivity, efficiency and collaboration in all of your relationships.

Stop living on autopilot, this is about awareness.

When I teach you how to see them, it’s easy to understand your patterns. With this one empowering shift, YOU can rewrite your story.

It starts with a decision. Are you willing to do what it takes to experience sustainable change?

Rachael offers a selection of life-altering programs and professional/ personal mentoring that will show you how to create the results you truly desire.

put yourself on top

Forget what you think about coaches… 

this isn’t all love and light.

I am a guide who helps people understand their minds- and how to get out of their own way.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear, I’ll tell you what you NEED to hear…Then guide you through the work until you have the confidence to continue on your own.

Are you making the effort but not getting ahead?

Do you know how to draw the best out of yourself and your relationships?

Invest in yourself

With my six-month course- which will change the rest of your life.

I’m no different from you, except that five years ago I changed my internal conversation.

I had to feel better about myself so I could start helping other people become successful. Now my life has purpose, meaning, and I love helping others see what I once couldn’t.

For an in-depth, enlightening conversation with Rachael, book a strategy session now.

The things I  deal with in people are things you can’t go into a shop and buy; confidence, a calm mind, time, money, ease, and fulfilment.