Be Kind

Be kind.

Easier said than done, particularly when it is focused on yourself.

What you may find interesting is that your health and wellbeing is underpinned by how you choose to treat yourself ( Arianne Huffington , 2014). If you are used to coming from a place of beating yourself up, feeling guilty you are a long way from being kind to yourself.

If you made the decision today to control that inner voice in your head and only speak to yourself with kindness the change would be profound. Every time you are critical towards yourself you are taking yourself further away from where you want to be. Choose to be kind. Working with people I have found that this is not actually an easy thing to do when you have spent a lifetime of putting yourself down, feeling unworthy.

How you speak to yourself matters.

Instead of “I am so stupid”, “Nothing ever goes my way”
Replace it with “I have got this”. “I can work this out, I am actually better than I have given myself credit for “
From there you could move towards random acts of kindness towards yourself.

· Giving yourself some down time
· Giving yourself permission to have a rest ( ie sleep in or nap )
· Speaking out loud in a way that is encouraging.

These practises are so simple that most people won’t do them. But if you choose to you will notice a profound difference in how you feel in less than a week.

Have a wonderful week ahead!!!


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