Awareness is like pulling the curtains back.

Rachael Downie

How can I fit this into all my other commitments?
When you work with me you will learn to reframe the way you think and speak about time. Imagine being able to say, “I’m productive and efficient and have all the time I need?”
What is the investment?

Shifting your mindset around money is the best investment you will make.

Through this course, you will completely change the way you think about money. Money is something we exchange in return for something of value.

I offer a variety of valuable programs, a course, meditations and my book. If you need help deciding which will benefit you most, book a discovery call with me and we can talk more in depth.

I’ve tried everything before, how is this different?
This program gets results unlike any other thing I’ve experienced personally.
I’ve done all the courses, programs, paid thousands of dollars. For more than 20 years I invested in education, training, personal and professional development, only to experience short-lived results.
Until I came across the real reason nothing would stick…Paradigms.
Paradigms hold many of us back because they are inside your subconscious mind. They control 96% of your behaviour, and ultimately the results in your life.
My programs are for real people, just like you, who are willing to do what it takes to shift past ingrained paradigms.
When you go through the materials, prepare for quantum leaps in your thinking and understanding. We will re-train the way you think. Simply by creating new neural pathways in the brain based on scientific studies by Dr Joe Dispenza.
Over the past several years I’ve been exclusively teaching people how to USE their minds (something I was never taught in all my decades of education).
You will finally understand why you do what you do and how you can achieve the results really want, in all areas of your life.
I’m really busy, can I do it another time?

Are you prepared to invest some time and money into your future?

It only takes six months to change your life.

Believe me; I understand how you feel. I did the course while running a farm with my husband and raising four young children- it was manageable and absolutely worth it.

Together we will find a way to fit the lessons into your current schedule.

Living the same way won’t bring the change you want, doing something different, will.

What if I’m too stressed right now to participate?

That stress will likely continue to compound if you don’t do something about it.

Most people don’t really enjoy what they are doing, feel stuck and waste considerable time procrastinating.

This is scarcity thinking. When you work with me you will learn to reframe the way you think and speak about time. Imagine being able to say, “I’m productive and efficient and have all the time I need?”

You know what they say, “when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Are you ready to feel that way about yours?

My family’s needs usually come first, and I’m not sure I can spend on myself?
This is exactly the reason why you need to commit to yourself right now.
I have many clients who have thought this same way and been on the bottom of the pile. They learnt pretty early on that they couldn’t give from an empty cup. It’s time to put yourself on top.
If you are happier and more fulfilled in your life, everyone around you will benefit.
Help yourself, help everyone around you.
What are your qualifications?
All my experience leading up to my coaching career has enhanced my skills as a teacher, mentor, leader and communicator.
Proctor Gallagher Certified Consultant
Masters in Education ( Mentoring and Leadership)
Bachelor of Teaching
Bachelor of Agricultural Science ( Hons )
Training in NLP
Beyond Succes Coach
Rural Leadership Training
What is a Paradigm?

A Paradigm is a multitude of habits and beliefs that are controlling your behaviours.

We unconsciously absorb and create these paradigms from external and internal dialogues. Most of the beliefs we have are not our own.

Learn to understand where these patterns come from and how to shift them to benefit your life.

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I'm not frustrated but I can see my employees are? Can you help me with leadership and mentoring?

Yes. I am a professional expert wanting to impact and facilitate change, success and growth in a persons business and life.

I help leaders in their businesses to find out how they not only can improve their results but also draw out the potential of the staff.

Together I can help you learn to improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration on your team.