Feeling Great!
Do you know that feeling when you done something or have got over something uncomfortable and you feel great, awesome, like you can do anything?

You will want to understand the power that exists in learning how to use this feeling over and over again.

I have been ocean swimming a couple of times a week. Most times I don’t want to get into the water. But I have experienced what it feels like when I have walked out of the water and have finished my swim. I feel alive and invigorated. Each time I get out of the car with my towel and goggles I have committed myself to the swim because of this feeling.

You can do the same!

Growth, expansion and living are right on the other side of your comfort zone, but most of you don’t like going there because it is uncomfortable.

Choosing to go there is based on the reasoning you do with yourself on the inside and making a decision. When you are committed you will do whatever it takes. If you are interested, you’ll accept excuses. Tapping into the feeling of the ‘task’ being completed with help you to make a committed decision for yourself.

How can you tap into this feeling for yourself this week?


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