Peter Hursey

Property Wellness Doctor
Location | Carlton, Tasmania
Programs and Courses | Business Mentoring

I am a property wellness consultant, (dowser/ geomancer) which means I survey and treat properties for people with chronic health issues like cancers, chronic fatigue or depression, or for people who want to invest in long-term wellness. I also work with businesses that seem to have success on the surface but have underlying issues like being unable to retain staff or feel stagnant in their market.

When I met Rachael around 18 months ago, instantly we had a connection. I was getting my new business up and running and I found myself dealing with a couple of paradigms that were causing me to procrastinate.

I started working with Rachael as a business mentor and found myself with a new network of inspired people. Bob Proctors’ sequential formulae for success and the key ingredient of Rachael Downie- she called me out on all of my well-planned excuses. Rachael is inspired, driven and knowledgeable.

As a coach, Rachael has a great balance of knowledge and experience. When I completed each step, she was there for me with the next and supported me any time I stumbled. Previously a shy person (and pretty introverted) I have now been interviewed on Melbourne radio, University radio and the abundance hub podcast and am growing in confidence every day.

I am a work in progress but my business is expanding exponentially and money just turns up when needed. I’m working toward my goal of having the medical profession include environmental stresses when diagnosing chronic illnesses. Now I have the confidence, resources, network and of course Rach behind me supporting my progress and personal growth.