What is the lesson?

What are the lessons here?

Sometimes the sky is blue and sunny, sometimes the skies are grey. Sometimes it’s windy. Sometimes it’s raining.

It is what it is.

Nothing is good or bad. It just is. Learn to be emotionally attached to the stuff you love that brings you joy and release the rest. It’s just a waste of energy otherwise.

Over the past month lots of things have happened to me:

  • Our beloved family dog passed away
  • My husbands ute and motorbike were stolen and burnt.
  • I had to get my new car towed and the next time it overheated leave my car on the side of the road in a place that wasn’t overly safe
  • The motor in my new car had to be replaced.
  • I had many dates with my husband cancelled due to issues on the farm
  • My daughter got two flat tires and I helped her change them, the day after my husbands ute was stolen
  • The dishwasher leaked and flooded the entire kitchen right before I was about to catch a flight, which, thankfully had been delayed, or I would not have known


  • I went to a beautiful retreat in Queensland.
  • I spent time out in nature soaking up the beautiful experiences.
  • I caught up with my daughter in Melbourne and had a great night in a hotel that she had one as a voucher.
  • I had a fabulous evening out at a beautiful Tasmanian restaurant with great friends
  • I have laughed lots catching up with friends
  • I’ve gone fishing with my son and friends to be rewarded with the biggest smile ever.
  • I have experienced amazing wins with my clients, watching them get Tasmania Training Provider of the year, winning Tas Export Awards, buying their dream properties, leaving a job and starting a business.
  • I’ve sent kindness to strangers with a smile on the beach each morning

I have cried and I have laughed. But throughout it all I have stayed calm.

That is my choice, the old version of me would’ve probably have lost the plot with all the stuff that seemed to go ‘wrong’ !!!

It is what it is. Nothing is good or bad. You can make the choice to stay calm, relaxed and know that this too will pass. The night always follows the day, there is always sunshine after the rains.

Be grateful for all the good you have in your life each day when you open your eyes and you’re still breathing – it’s a good day!

Wishing you the most amazing week ahead.

Photo : Ancient Fig tree @Gwinganna measured to be over 1000 years old.


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