What is your vibe?

????What are your vibes? ????

Do you understand what it means by your vibe, your frequency, your energy, what you are in tune with?
I heard the example the other day about a glass shattering when it is exposed to a certain frequency of sound e.g. someone singing at a certain pitch.

The glass shatters because the note has the same resonance frequency as the glass itself. A person may have the ability to shatter that glass but can only do so if it is on the right frequency. The cause being the sound, the effect the glass breaking. It will only shatter if you use your voice on that frequency.
What does this have to do with you?

What frequency are you operating on?

Do you keep noticing things like:

  • Not having enough money
  • Maybe feeling unsupported by your partner or your family
  • Unhappy in your work

Understand that the vibe or frequency you are experiencing when you are thinking this is creating the effect as this is what you are in tune with.

???? Cause: Feeling super busy Effect: So many things to do.
???? Cause: Feeling that you don’t not enough money Effect: This will be the result.
???? Cause: Feeling unsupported Effect: Experiences where you are unsupported.
???? Cause: Feeling not good enough Effect: Having experiences to confirm this.

Are you operating on the frequency/ the vibe of what you want? If not match the vibe/frequency/feeling with the results you want.

Sounds so simple. ????

I found this really hard and it has taken me a number of years to understand it. If this is resonating with you and you are wanting to know how to change your vibe reach out I’d love to help you.
Make a time to speak with me here.

Have a fantastic week ahead.


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