There is something about Mondays isn’t there? It feels like you can start a fresh and all over with a new week. Whether it be a Monday, the 1st of January or the 14th May, you can make a decision to move forward in your life, your dreams your aspirations.

What have you been putting off or avoiding? There is no time like the present to take action.

I have been interviewing people for the book that I am writing and have listened to some amazing stories. One of my big learning moments that I’d love to share was a young man who made a decision that he wanted more for himself. He asked himself the question “Why not me” , “Why can’t I have the life I want” Just asking a question in a different way can change your perception. Start focusing on what it is that you really want. Turn all of your attention towards that. Start taking action – it doesn’t have to be big, just a step in that direction. You see, you have this greatness inside of you that is wanting to be expressed. Most people die with this inside of them because they don’t realize that they are trapped. Set yourself free and commit to yourself that you will make changes for the better. The next 30 day challenge starts today helping people create new habits. If you need some help with accountability – be it discipline, focus in business, exercise, closing the gap between what you know and what you actually do – then Id love to help. Just PM me and I’ll add you to the group.

Have a fantastic start to the day