Our environment is really a mirror of our mental attitude. If we don’t like our environment we have to change our attitude first”
Earl Nightingale

What is your attitude like ? We can all be better and it really starts with your attitude.

Your attitude is a choice.  Until now you probably haven’t even been aware of many of the thoughts, feelings and actions that have been programmed into you.  Some of your current attitude is the composite of another person’s set of beliefs and habits that were passed on to you.  Many successful people have had a healthy attitude and belief system around money and that’s why they are so successful. Others made decisions to change their existing programming and at many times were unaware that they had done this.  

The key is alignment of your attitude with the thoughts ,feelings and actions that you are taking .  When you do this, your attitude will become the catalyst for change.

I felt a huge shift in myself physically and my awareness took a quantum leap when I did this simple exercise. I was taking massive action in my business, but my thoughts were negative and my feelings flat and despondent. Even though I had a positive outlook, my mindset was negative. I was coming from a place of lack and limitation.  Upon realizing this, I looked at the thoughts that I needed to have to achieve the results I desired.  I then started to apply the exercise and think these thoughts and become aware of the feelings I desired to have and change them.

Where does your attitude need a tune up ?