Be present each day

I love what First Lady Barbara Bush said about the future which you could certainly apply to your success. 

“We get on board that train at birth, and we want to cross the continent because we have in mind that somewhere out there is a station. We pass by sleepy little towns looking out the window of life’s train, grain fields and silos, level grade crossings, buses full of people on the roads beside us. We pass cities and factories but we don’t look at any of it because we want to get to the station. We believe that out there is a station where a band is playing and banners are hung and flags are waving and when we get there that will be life destination. We don’t really get to know anybody on the train. We pace up and down the aisles looking at our watches eager to get to the station because we know that life has a station for us.

This station changes for us during life. To begin with, for most of us its turning 18, getting out of high school. Then the station is that first promotion, and then the station becomes getting the kids out of college, and then the station becomes retirement and then…..all too late we recognise the truth- that this side of that city whose builder is God, there really isn’t a station.

The joy is in the journey and the journey is the joy.

Sooner or later you realize there is no station and the truth of life is the trip. Read a book, eat more ice cream, go barefoot more often, hug a child, go fishing, laugh more. The station will come soon enough. And as you go find a way to make the world more beautiful” ( Ref
Barbaera Bush, Address to Kennebunk (Maine) High School, source unknown)

I read this at a time that I was questioning how fast paced life is these days and that we are always trying to get somewhere. There is no future no past, but only the present. Enjoy the process everyday of working towards your goals. 

What if this moment this day is what it is all about? Concentrate on the 24hrs ahead of you and make the absolute most of it. 

Each day is a present.


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