There is something that makes you different from every person on this earth and that’s what makes you YOU.  Now not wanting to go too left field but this is the spirit part of you.  Growing up, school and parents focused on the physical and intellectual parts of you and tended to forget the spirit side. The latin word for Educate is “Educo”.  This means to draw out,  or to develop from within. You actually consist of three parts: the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual.  Throughout school you were taught to be like everyone else, do the same work as everyone and dress like everyone else. For most of you this did not allow you to express your own individuality, creativity and spirit that lies within.   And on many occasions this can lie dormant for a person’s whole life unless they give themselves permission to turn towards it.

The realization of this requires a change in focus.  Start to focus on what you are good at. What unique talents and abilities you have? What are your desires ?– in either your personal or professional life.

What it is that you actually want for you?  What part of you has been held back?  What do you really enjoy doing?

This will cause you to go past your paradigms and conditioning and turn towards that part of you that seeks expression, to create.

There is absolute perfection within you.  How do you want to express yours?