Choose Faith

Both fear and faith involve us believing in something that we can’t see.  Why would we knowingly choose to believe in fear?

You and I have been programmed that way.  The fear of failure; fear of what others might think; fear of being different all starts from such a very young ageCan you imagine what your life would look like if instead of focusing on fear you chose faith instead.  Faith in yourself, faith in your abilities, faith in other people.

The training I received over the past week with Bob Proctor had such a big emphasis on faith and seeking failure.

So often in life things seem to get worse on the way to getting better.  And that is the normal. Its just that we don’t like it and tend to retreat instead of working through it.  Price Pritchett in his book You2 says in his Chapter on Seeking Failure “Everything looks like failure in the middle” You can’t bake a cake without getting the kitchen messy.  Halfway through surgery it looks like there has been a murder in the operating room. If you send a rocket toward the moon about ninety percent of the time its off course – it fails its way to the moon by continually making mistakes and correcting them.

It is easy to lose faith, because other people may withdraw their support and be critical of your efforts – especially the ones whose opinions mean so much to you. That. Plus your own anxieties and uncertainties can tempt you to turn on yourself.

This is the crucial point in the process – don’t give up !  Failure belongs here.  It’s a sign of progress”.

Bob Proctor says “ You have to build you faith muscle”. Courage and faith is not the absence of fear and anxiety, its proceeding in spite of those feelings

What can you do this week that you have been holding yourself back from doing?

Come from a place of faith this week and really focus on what you want. Let your desire drive you.