Confidence is the key to unlocking your potential
I wanted to share 3 different takes on confidence – mine, Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s. Take the time today to read this and apply it to your own life and where you are at right now. Improve your confidence and you will change your life. Improve your confidence and you will change your life.
Google Definitions of Confidence
• a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
• a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something
How do they relate to you right now? What qualities do you need to build into your self- image to develop that self-assurance? You have to align the two. Confidence on the inside and on the outside. To develop confidence you have to step outside your comfort zone. You can’t keep doing the same thing; you have to take different actions. Really stretch yourself. Understand this is all part of growth. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You will experience the freedom on the other side. If you understand that this is a natural part of what happens for growth then you will step forward into it. Otherwise you will be in the same place 1 year, 2 years, 5 years down the track. This is where ‘most’ people stay. In their comfort zones, resisting change. What they aren’t aware of is that change is the only constant. We have become a risk adverse world, living in fear of something that ‘might happen.”

Could you imagine in your life right now that you had an internal belief that you could do something well or succeed at something, regardless of what it was? Perhaps getting up and speaking in front of other staff members, putting forward an idea that you thought was good. Speaking up and contributing. Acting on that idea in your own life.

If you had this inner confidence about yourself how do you think your life would change for you?
Think like a winner, be fearless, assertive, see yourself in a positive light at all times. Be your own cheer squad, believe in yourself.” Rachael Downie
“Few people are as confident as they would like to be. Yet self-confidence is very important because it shows in everything we do.
The good news is, the way you think of yourself is only a premise. It’s simply an idea in your mind that you’ve built your entire personality on. And you can change that idea any time you want.
Remember, the subconscious mind makes no distinction between what’s real and what is imagined. It works with the material we feed it through our thoughts. It readily translates any thought into reality—whether it’s driven by fear or courage.
In other words, you are what you think you are. When you think you’re important, others think you are important too. Because how you think determines how you act. And how you act determines how others react to you.
If you want to gain confidence, start to feed your mind—through autosuggestion—a steady diet of thoughts of confidence and courage.” Bob Proctor
“If you want to feel more confident in any situation, you must work on your self-image. In fact, scientists and psychologists indicate that a person’s self-image is the prime cause of success and failure in life.
If you’re wondering what your self-image is, it won’t be difficult to find out. Just look at the various aspects of your life.
Take a look at the results you’re getting in your relationships, your income, the position you hold at work and your personal appearance. These are all the outer expression of the inner image.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is attempting to change things that are outside of themselves (such as their income or business) without changing what’s going on inside. That approach never works.
If you want to re-make your life, you must create a better self-image. As soon as you start to alter the image, everything outside will begin to change.” Sandy Gallagher
Love to hear your thoughts on confidence.