Depending upon your paradigm you may be a procrastinator, a multitasker, feel like you have to work all the time and have little or no break, put everybody else first instead of you or continuously pleasing others. What is your Act?
Even if you are using your time very effectively through focusing on your goals, it doesn’t mean you have to be go, go, go all the time.
Your mind needs rest; so you need to find a balance, alternating between action, evaluation/reviewing and rest.

Often when we are going as fast as we can (and I have been guilty of this), its just a mask for our fear and that is what is actually motivating us.

We think that if we cram as much as we can into every minute, then we will surely succeed.

When you do slow down and really evaluate, you may find that you are doing everything except what is really important. Don’t waste your energy on sheer volume of tasks – be selective and create the order, action and rest that you need.
• Remove the chaos from your life
• Learn to say no to the unimportant
• Reduce multitasking
• Alternate between action evaluation and rest
Creating order in your mind will flow out to creating order in your life. Find a way today to take action towards what you want.