I remember reading ego versus soul a few years back now and it really resonated with where I was in my life. I highly recommend printing it out and reviewing it closely and see what it brings up for you.

When I looked at the comparisons I don’t know how much of my spirit I had even been harnessing throughout my life. I had been in survival mode for the majority of my life, trying to preserve me, please others, I was highly competitive and focused on lack. What became apparent when reading this was my ego had been running my life, not my true self

You see I had grown up feeling like I had to prove myself, to be better, to seek the love of my parents or some form of external emotional stroking. Unfortunately the habits of a small child were still running my adult life.

Have you experienced this? Have you questioned your beliefs, why you behave the way you do? Are you focused on what is going on outside of you rather than what is going on inside?

Take the time today to connect with your soul. Be kind to yourself, affirm yourself and others in your life. Focus on the abundance already present in your life.