Goal Setting is a Lawful Process

Goal setting is a lawful process.  My logical mind found this difficult to grasp until Bob Proctor shared this example with me:

How did the acorn become a giant oak tree?

It was planted in an environment that was conducive to its evolvement. The acorn was already programmed to grow into a giant oak tree

Now how did that happen?   Lets think.

The acorn in itself is a seed. The seed has a patterned plan in it; a nucleus that controls the vibration of it.   Nothing rests everything vibrates

The acorn is planted in the earth and grows into a giant oak tree.   As we understand the laws that govern the growth of the acorn we will also understand that we grow by the same laws.

The programming is where he suggests that you focus your attention.  Focus in on your programming and think about it and compare it with the acorn becoming a tree.

An acorn is a seed. Within the seed is a nucleus or a patterend plan that controls the vibration of the seed.  The acorn is programmed to grow into just one thing.  A giant oak tree

An acorn is planted in the earth, energy is attracted to the acorns’ energy ( that is in harmony with the acorn) and becomes one with the acorn.  There is earth that is jammed right up against that acorn but it may not be in harmony with the acorn.  There are people jammed right up against you, but they aren’t in harmony with you. This could be at work, in your business, in your social life where they aren’t in harmony with you.  If they were you would feel it. The fact that they aren’t results in you not feeling comfortable around them.   However there may be earth that is some distance from the seed that is in harmony with it.   Just like obedient soldiers there are little particles of energy that march right towards the acorn, they are attracted to the acorn.

Why is it attracted?

Because it is on the same frequency as the acorn.

And when it gets to the acorn it becomes one with the acorn. And what happens? Roots come out of the bottom and shoots come out of the top.  Then the acorn will attract what it requires from the atmosphere when that shoot comes out of the soil.   It will attract everything that is necessary to create the oak tree.

How did this all happen?

Cause : A patterned plan is in the seed, it controls the vibration of the seed

Effect : The energy that creates the oak tree was always here.  It is in harmony with and was attracted to the seed.

Keep thinking.

The acorn is in the earth.  It is in an environment that is conducive to its evolvement.   The energy for the oak tree is in the Universe.  The Law of attraction brought them together.

Stay with me on this one.

Your dream, your goals are the most important thing. You have to make it very clear. You have to describe what you want and how you want it to be in exact detail.  If you don’t, it is never going to happen.  If you do it is going to happen by law.

Unlike the acorn, we have the ability to choose what we will grow into.  This is where the growth will occur and you will attract everything that you need.  All the people, resources and opportunities.

By creating an image of yourself as the person you want to become and planting the image in your subconscious mind, that image must manifest as certain, and by the same Law as the acorn grows into the oak tree

The acorn is not concerned with what the other seeds are doing, or doubts it will be a giant oak tree when it is a seedling…it has the image, and the vibration, of its future and sticks with it.

You have the ability to choose what you want to become – be do and have.

Who and what do you want to become? Create your patterned plan and begin to focus on it.

It’s a great time to do this.  Get focused on your goals and patterned plan for 2019 !!!


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