Why aren’t people really getting the results that they want?  You know the things that you need to change. What holds us all back is the paradigms.  Paradigms are a multitude of habits in our subconscious mind that are either serving us or they aren’t  You know it on an intellectual level, but the changes haven’t been made subconsciously where the paradigm is and the feeling part of you.

It is all about you thinking clearly and combine this with the feeling that you want to be having – this is what allows you to transform your results.

Most people concentrate on choosing their thoughts but neglect changing how they are feeling.  You and I have been conditioned a certain way.  Most of us are programmed to be emotionally involved in the negative.  Think about when you are sick or experiencing some trouble in your life.  You are able to go into great detail and feeling with it, even sharing it with anyone who is willing to listen. They will probably respond sharing their pain and negative experience and the feeling grows and grows.  This is where the problem lies – You are giving attention to the experience and feeling that isn’t going to give you what you desire. If you are wanting to make changes to your personal life, your work, your business, your passion, you need to really get into the spirit of feeling what you want to feel.  Think thoughts and have feelings that will get you the results that you desire.  Instead of the pain and negativity be in harmony with the good that you desire.  Really feel it!!