What you resists persists. Just let go of resistance.

Now you have probably heard this before but what does it actually mean.  I have been reading Nick Williams book Resisting your Soul : 101 Powerful Tips to free your inspiration who says that ,

“Resistance is simply your mind’s fearful response to your heart and soul’s inspiration”.

To overcome resistance in your life – whether it be in your health, your business, your job, your relationship you have to expand your level of awareness.  The things that you resist could very well be your purpose – the thing that will most fulfill you as you start doing it.

You know that feeling deep in side yourself, the one that is a deep seated desire that you keep pushing away but is wanting the be expressed as part of you. This is what has become trapped in your self –created prisons of fear and that underlying sense that you are not quite good enough.

Soften your resistance let go of your perceived limitations and beliefs that are making it hard for you and stopping all the good you desire come your way. Ask yourself who would I be without my problems?

Your problems have served a great purpose and can become a great excuse for you to not show up

“ Excuses are nothing more than lies that fear have sold you “ Carmen Bell, South African Entrepreneur

Simple things that seem really hard to do .  It is dipping into a bucket of courage and is acting in spite of the resistance and fear that is controlling you .

  • its letting go of habits that aren’t serve you and upgrading your thoughts to create new habits
  • Its booking in your business launch even if you aren’t ready
  • Its acting on the email or phone call to sort out your finances.
  • Its going to the gym or a run or walk that you committed to
  • It is looking after your body with the right foods, rest, exercise
  • Videos, recordings, presentations that you don’t want to do,
  • Its sending out the invoices with you price increase
  • Its picking up the phone and making the call
  • Its connecting with people and being interested in them rather than making it all about you.
  • Its telling yourself you are worthy to be in a relationship where you feel loved; you first have to love yourself and believe that you are worthy

Stop the procrastination and take action even if you don’t want too.  Make this the year that you really commit to yourself . Write a list of your fears, the things you are avoiding, the thoughts you are having – then write another list of how you can face them and replace them with thoughts actions and beliefs that will serve you. Let go of your resistance and really commit to finding the spirit in you.