A paradigm is a multitude of habits stored in a section of your subconscious mind and your paradigms are the primary cause of our results.

Until you change your paradigm your results won’t change. But when you change your paradigm everything changes.

Our paradigms control the following

  • our productivity,
  • they control our effectiveness,
  • our ability to earn money,
  • our health, they control;
  • our relationships;
  • our income; they control everything.

There are two ways to change your paradigm. The first is through constant spaced repetition and daily study. This helps you to become more aware of your paradigms and how they are impacting the results in your life.

The second way is in an emotional impact, but an emotional impact is almost always negative. It might be the loss of a job/death in the family/loss of relationship.

You see one of the things about paradigms is, paradigms are hard to change. I’ve never met anyone who has personally done it on their own. You have to get the right direction and once you do get the right direction. That’s how you are going to get there. It is really important to understand how paradigms work.

Why can some people be successful and others aren’t?

Why can a coffee shop go out of business and the same location reopens with a new coffee shop that becomes incredible successful? This defies logic and the key is your paradigm.

Paradigms are other people’s habits that have been passed from one generation to the next. For many of you, your paradigm will be kicking in right now, switching off to what you are reading. Your inner thoughts will be telling you what I am saying is total rubbish and others of you will be reading this totally open to what I am talking about.

For some of you your paradigm will kick in after reading this. You will be inspired and want to find out more. Then this inspiration fades and you don’t do anything about it. That is your paradigm holding you back. You will recognise it and see it in other areas in your life where it is limiting you from moving forward. You continually squash your desire or justify why you can’t have something or why its easier to stay the same.

Your paradigms keep you stuck right where you are in life: in your work, your health, your relationships, your income.  Where do you want to be? What do you really want to do? How do you really want to live your life?I didn’t know about paradigms until October 2016 and that is when my whole life changed, and I want you to experience this too.

If you want to take control, you have to create a new paradigm and this is what I can help you with. If you would like some help finding out how your paradigms are affecting you personally send me an email or give me a call and I can help you with this.