Do not underestimate the power of making decisions.

This has been the most profound learning for me since watching the Art of Goal Achieving. I used to be a person who couldn’t make a decision , always waying up the pros and cons and waiting for someone else to be in agreeance with me. I let so many opportunities pass my way.

How to make a decision isn’t something that is explicitly taught through schools or by our parents. Its something that you kind of fumble your way through.

There is an art in decision making and the only prerequisite is do you want it .

“When making a decision you have to learn to make them quickly and change them slowly”. This is what the successful people do as quoted by Napolean Hill. This may go against the grain of everything you have been programmed to believe. The more that you understand yourself; the more you understand what you want; the more clearer you become about your goal; It will become easy to make a decision because you will go within and ask yourself.

This will make the time frame quicker to make a decision because you will not be going outside of yourself for the answer and asking everybody else. Knowing yourself is actually a matter of trust.

Most of us have been conditioned the other way where we make decisions from the outside, seeking others advice, doing lots or research and analysis.

Start making your decisions from the inside out. Ask yourself the questions “Is this what I want” and “Is this in alignment with my goal

You will be surprised how much more time and energy you will have when you speed up your decision process.