Wow did I find this confronting.  I proudly wore the badge of being the most amazing multi-tasker and wore my badge with pride for years.  Unfortunately this meant that even though I thought I was productive I was doing it under pressure, stress and judgment.  Not a great combination.  I was constantly fleeting from one thing to the next, my mind was being bombed with all the things I needed to get done, easily distracted, I had lists happening all over the place and I would get overwhelmed.  The mental attitude was “ I ought to be able to do this all at once, and I have got so much to do.” Sound familiar?

Its just not true – you haven’t been designed that way. The truth is we can only do one thing at a time.  And if you learn to do this you will become highly productive  and you will actually have way more energy.

I have currently been training my mind to do just this and the results have been phenomenal.  I have had to do a complete backflip on my logical way of thinking and how I have multitasked in the past – to now do one thing at a time – Of course I do fall back into old habits but really recognize the difference in my behavior and energy levels by doing one task, completing it and then moving on to the next one.  This requires 100% focus on the task at hand. Start training your mind to do this. It will take discipline and awareness but you will truly love the results.

And remember work expands to the time that you give it – give it less time and you’ll actually create more time for yourself