Never beat yourself up. You have to be your own coach, an encourager a supporter. Have the courage to move away from the masses and go in to bat for yourself.

Quite often in life you have to make decisions and back yourself when everybody else is telling you to do the opposite. Instead of asking everybody else what do they think you should do, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want and need to do for me?
What is in my best interests?

Sometimes it will be like you are the only one on your team. And sometimes you will be the person beating yourself up and doing the exact opposite. That inner critic kicks in and self-sabotages you big time !!! That voice in your head berates you; tells you that you aren’t good enough; that you can’t do that; aren’t confident enough. It compares you to others; makes you feel guilty; and continually judges you. You would never speak to anyone else the way you speak to yourself – Right?

This is more common than you realise. Some people are born with the mindset and subconscious program that they can do anything; they believe anything is possible and they have the confidence to back themselves.

The majority of people are born with that inner critic that is self-sabotaging what they want to show up in their lives

If you are critical towards yourself it is only going to chip away at your self-image. You cannot afford to be critical. Every time you are critical towards yourself you are taking yourself further away from where you want to be. READ THAT AGAIN AND REALLY LET IT SINK IN. Every time you are being kind you are empowering yourself.  Say things like “Come on lets get this thing moving”  , tell yourself ” I can do that”. Your self-talk will be huge in transforming your confidence and results in your life.

If you make a mistake , own it and move on – be done with it. Do not focus on anything around it. Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of your growth. See them as learning opportunities. You have to get yourself mentally up to standard.

Celebrate you and create a strong, confident self-image that will move you in the direction you want.