Understanding attitude can change your results faster and more dramatically than anything else.

In fact William James said “ the greatest discovery of his generation was that you could alter your life by altering your attitude of mind”.

Attitude is something that was life changing for my results and my clients and is something I am passionate about sharing.

Really think about where your attitude is set right now. You can have an outward positive attitude but still have a negative mindset.  This does not mean that you are a negative person. It means that whenever you are operating from a place of lack or limitation you are operating with a negative attitude.   While you have one thing in your mind you have another thing happening physically and the results you desire won’t show up for you. When you express yourself you can be coming from past, present or future. You want to train your attitude to be focusing on the future, where you want to be, and be an expression of the good that you desire.

You have 3 parts of the personality – your thoughts , your feelings and your actions.  Your attitude is a composition of these things. Now this is critical that you understand it.  Its not just one thing, its all of these parts that make up your attitude.  It’s a bit like making a cake.  You don’t make a comment that its great flour, great eggs, you comment on the whole cake and say that it is great cake. To change and improve your attitude you really have to explore and understand those three ingredients – thoughts, feelings and actions.

You can do this for all areas in your life. The importance is getting the thoughts , feelings and actions in alignment with the results that you desire.

My daughter drew this picture that she found for me recently and the funny thing is that my life used to be driven by knowledge and hard work. I never seemed to get there.  When I changed to focus to improving my attitude that’s when everything changed.