Everywhere around you there are radio frequencies in the air at any given time that you can tune into to listen to the station that you want to.  However you cant see them can you?

This is how it works for us with our thoughts and feelings – exactly the same way!!

You attitude is the expression of your “radio frequencies” that gives directions to those around you as a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You are transmitting a frequency that can be “tuned” into by others around you.

That’s why people can pick up on how you are feeling. The good, and the bad. Have you ever been in a room and felt attracted to speaking to a person just based on your feelings?  Or have you avoided someone as well based on a feeling? This is such an important thing to understand.  What you focus your attention expands.  Control the flow of your thoughts and get on the right frequency and that’s how you can “tune” in to the good things you want in your life.  Its really as simple as that.  If you want your radio to be working at optimum, the key is to choose the thoughts that you want in order to get the results that you want.  So really THINK about what you want and how you want to be feeling.  This is your control switch.   It really is food for thought, isn’t it?