Our conditioned way of thinking does not serve us.  It doesn’t allow us to create the life that we really want.   We focus so much time and energy on what has happened in our past that we cannot change, instead of focusing ahead of what we can create in our future 

When I was in Canada last year I went to the top of the CN tower.  I had a fear of heights for years and have avoided using elevators whenever I can!!!!  Both these experiences were based on a decision that I made.  My fear of heights came about because as a child I wanted to be like my dad and he was scared of heights. In my early 20’s I got stuck in an elevator in Israel for a short period of time. I am now 44 and these “stories” were hindering my experiences in life. I made the decision to face these fears and stop letting these stories run the experiences that I had in my future. Was I scared – you bet I was, I was shaking, had sweaty palms and my heart was racing.  But I had the tools from the material I have been studying and teaching and I was able to control the thoughts in my head and change the experience.  Its like I had to go through this experience so that I could share this story with you and realize that its time to focus on what is in front of you.

Stop looking backwards!!! No more giving attention to the wounds in the past. You can do nothing to change it. It is all about the future and the goals that you set and where you want to go.  

“Our mind is a mental magnet and is greatly reduced in strength by our fears and our inflow of good is slowly closed off.  If our mental forces become too weakened we may even repel what little good is trying to reach us.” ( Raymond Halliwell)  

Change the magnet of your mind by choosing constructive thoughts!!!!