Ask yourself:  How can I be 1% better today than yesterday ?

Have you every tried to introduce new habits only to give up after 1 day , 1 week ?

What tends to happen when you are wanting to make improvements is that your paradigms kicks in and you go back to your old habits.  Your old beliefs, conditionings and behaviours take over and you end up on autopilot and right back where you started.

When you want to change the results, these old habits keep you stuck.

When you make a decision to focus on being consistently  1% better every day,  be it in your health your relationships your work your job your family, how you treat yourself, how you show up every day, your standard for yourself will raise in all areas of your life.

A great idea is to put this as a reminder on your phone every 3 to 4 hours to check in with how you are going and have 1% coming up as the reminder. This will bring your awareness to where your focus is – are you on autopilot or are you being 1% better?

It really comes down to attitude.  How can you be 1% better in order to raise your standards and change your results?

You need to do something different to what you are doing today and commit to improving.   It is the little things that you do every day consistently  that will create the change in your results.

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