Are you missing out?

Have you found yourself spending time thinking about what you are missing out on, what you haven’t got yet, what you have to go without, what you haven’t accomplished yet? I certainly did.

You are missing all the beauty and wonderful things present in your life right now.

You can take for granted what you already have and only focus on all the unfulfilled dreams wishes, wants and goals.

The thing is… when you only see what isn’t and don’t see what is, the universe brings more of what isn’t.

Re-read that – whether you understand it or not its true and I have experienced it first-hand.

If you don’t like the results showing up right now understand that you are spending more time focusing on what you don’t want. Even if you are saying affirmations, trying to think the right thoughts. It is all about your energy. Your energy is more powerful than the words we choose. You could tell yourself that “I am prosperous”, but you exude an energy of “I can’t afford it”.

The Universe doesn’t hear your words, it hears how you feel and gives you what you are focusing on.

“Your entire environment is the result of your habitual tendency of thought “
Genevieve Behrend

Choose to focus on your blessings, to feel good. That’s the “work”.

Need some help? I am always up for helping people find out what is standing in their way. Reach out and make a time to chat with me here.

Have a fabulous start to your week!


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