If you are feeling frustrated or things aren’t moving forward and changing for you, it is more than likely that these two things are not congruent.

You see you have these things called paradigms; a multitude of habits and beliefs that are controlling your behaviours.  So even though you have your desires and things that you want to do , or be or have, this little voice can pop into your head and tell you that you cant have them , you cant afford them , you aren’t good enough and you will have a heap of “procrastination” behavior that keeps you at arm length from what you want. 

Say for example you have a strong desire to buy a house. Why do you want to buy it? What would it give you?  How would you feel? You look over houses and know exactly what you want. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, deck, great kitchen entertaining area etc.    Whenever you think about it you get excited, you can see yourself easily living in this house.  But with one thought the bubble can burst and you have told yourself you don’t have the money, its not in the right place, not quite right , you literally talk yourself out of it.   

Your thoughts and desire are not in alignment.  

You need to get your thinking right.  You can see yourself living there , you don’t know where the money is coming from but you can just feel it is yours.  I have all the support I need.  Everybody wants to help me. I love living in this house.  It is mine.  

Can you see how the thoughts are different?  One is empowering the other disempowering.  

Take some time this week to reflect on something that you really want. What are your thoughts in relation to it?  Write down empowering thoughts and train your mind to keep replacing the disempowering thoughts with the ones that are congruent with what you want. 

What would this look like it you chose to believe that your desire  was possible?

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