Can you stop?

Do you ever find that there is so much going on in your life, your business, your work it can be overwhelming and exhausting but you just can’t stop?

You are on this merry go round or hamster wheel doing the same thing over and over.

But what is it all for? Why are you doing what you are doing?

Do you ever really give yourself time to answer these questions?

Pretty simple questions, but things you put off or avoid because you’ve just got to get this stuff done and then you tell yourself you’ll come back to checking in with life, but never do.

All the “stuff” (your work, your to do lists etc) have served a great purpose and can become a great excuse for you to not show up for yourself. Life has become so much more complicated and fuller compared to how it was 50 years ago and there is a lot of “mindless” activity going on that allows for escapism – the scrolling through social media, the never-ending emails in the inbox, the buying “stuff” online. All looking for ways to either feel better or to dull the pain.  All these things provide resistance and excuses that keep you on that hamster wheel for a bit longer.

“Excuses are nothing more than lies that fear have sold you “Carmen Bell, South African Entrepreneur, and “Resistance is simply your mind’s fearful response to your heart and soul’s inspiration” (Nick Williams, author of Resisting your Soul).

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