“There is a DIFFERENCE between being INTERESTED and being COMMITTED. When you are interested in something you do it only when it is CONVENIENT.  When you are committed to something you accept no excuses ONLY RESULTS.” Kenneth Blanchard

What does this mean to you?

There are lots of things that you are interested in, right?

But what is it that you are really committed to?

Take a look at your business with a microscope for a moment. Lets start with how you are showing up and ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I accepting excuses for myself and my staff?

Where am I procrastinating?

What things am I avoiding on a daily basis?

Look at all the areas of your life and ask yourself where are you really committed to?  Where do I do WHATEVER it TAKES?

Are you really COMMITTED to making the changes you need in your business or are you just interested?  If you are interested it is more than likely that you have fallen out of love with what got you into business in the first place.  You have fallen into the trap of the mechanical, logical process of the day to day and you may be  lacking the inspiration that got you started.  To be committed you have to make a decision.  A mindshift for your success.  Go back to the desire, the idea the passion, the spirit that had you motivated to start your business in the first place.  Start putting that original goal at the forefront of your mind everyday. Focus on it.  Remember the service, product or idea that you wanted to provide to help others.

This article was published for Women’s Network Australia.  to continue reading.


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