Do you have rich thoughts?

Do you have “rich” thoughts?

A rich consciousness precedes “riches” in the material world. Read that again. Wealth comes from within. It is a state of being.

You will have your own definition for “rich”. Whether this be an abundance of time, abundance of health, abundance of friends, experiences, money in the bank. It all starts with the thoughts and feelings that you have.
Do not think about what you do not want. What you focus on expands.

How much time are you spending thinking about what you want or what you don’t want?

You cannot have health if you focus on illness. You cannot have a great relationship if you are focusing on what is wrong or the lack of a relationship. You cannot experience prosperity if you have poverty thinking.

This is a subtle shift in awareness for you to realise what you are actually thinking about.
When you understand that you have a choice and you can change your thinking you can transform anything in your life.

“You become what you think about all day long” can be quoted by (James Allen, Walt Whitman, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey).

What do you think about all day long? Is it about what you want?

Have a fabulous week ahead !!!!


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