I found myself  falling back into the old paradigm of trying to fit too much in and overstretching myself trying to “get everything done”. I could feel the feelings of tightness in my body and became aware of it pretty quickly,realising that I had to change my perception of things. Thankfullly I was able to do this and course correct the path I was heading down. You can do this too. It’s a matter of recognising your behavior, what you can control and what you can’t control, and how you can respond to the situation rather than react.
What is the path of least resistance for you?

When you recognise yourself getting caught up in the rush of it all – ask yourself what am I able to control?

What can I do to make this easier? What is the best feeling I can access now?
For many of us there are things that we just have to do whether we want to do them or not. How can we make it more enjoyable? How can we feel good about what it is that we are doing? Or what can we let go of? I have found that properly planning and scheduling my week, even making time to do the planning has created a lot of ease in to my day-to-day life.
Creating this awareness for yourself, being able to see things from a different perspective and then course correct will allow you to create your choices form the inside out rather than being a plaything to outside forces, situations and people.
What can you do right now to help you to create more ease and the feeling of freedom in your week ahead?

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