Is fear standing in your way?

Most fear is learned at a young age, influenced by our environment and culture.

How you show up each day in your work, your personal life is impacted by these fears, i.e.

  • Avoiding difficult /uncomfortable conversations
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of not being perfect
  • Fear of getting it wrong
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of not having enough time
  • Fear of judgement
  • Fear of not saying the right thing
  • Fear of speaking up
  • Fear of letting go
  • Fear that others can’t do a good enough job
  • Fear of not having enough time
  • Fear of not having enough money
  • Fear of missing out
  • Fear of what others will think.

When you face the thing you fear it will dissipate and you will grow in confidence.

” Fear melts when you take action towards a goal that you really want.” Robert G Allen.

Your fear is from an amazing story in your head. It’s just that you have used your imagination against yourself. You could actually create a different story with a different outcome.

Having lived most of my life operating from fear of not being good enough, fear of getting it wrong, not being perfect, worrying about what others would think and worrying myself literally sick with stomach aches, I have learnt and now teach others that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get in touch with me here if you would like to do the same.

Have an amazing week ahead!


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