Sharpen your saw

Do you take time out from your business?

Work will expand to the time that you give it.

I attended a conference a number of years ago where one of the speakers talked about Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In his book Steven talks about “sharpening your saw” by working 12mths in 11mths and taking 4 weeks holiday. This was something that I couldn’t even comprehend back then –particularly because I justified my existence by being “busy”.

Thankfully I have changed this and take regular holidays throughout the year, block out time in my calendar to work on my business and take days off. I encourage you to do the same.

You may be operating from a mindset that :

“You don’t have enough time”,

“That you have so much to do”,

“That you are too busy”.

Taking time out may seem impossible to you. However if you don’t schedule it in – it will never happen. This comes down to changing the mental programs that you are feeding your mind.

Work will expand to the time that you give it.

Give your “work” less time – become more productive in the time allocated and take time off to recharge. Replace the “I am to busy” and create a new thought pattern like “ I have all the time that I need”.

Brian Biro was one of America’s top swimming coaches. He explained, when a swimmer is bringing their arm down through the water; that is referred to as a resistance stroke. When they take their hand out of the water, bring their arm back over getting ready to go back in the water, he called that a recovery stroke.

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