Turn your inner critic into a coach

Self-image is probably the most empowering concept that once understood is your key to everything, creating the results you really want in your business and your life.

Your mind controls your body and your body controls your actions and then your results. If you want your results to change, you must change what is in your mind as this is what controls your behaviour. 


When you are in business quite often you have to make decisions and back yourself when everybody else is telling you to do the opposite.  Sometimes it will be like you are the only one on your team. This takes courage and pertinent decision-making.  

Rather than questioning yourself, have the courage to move away from the masses and go in to bat for yourself. To do this you will need to become aware of your inner critic and self talk.  

What does the inner critic usually do? It berates you, tells you that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t do thatthat you aren’t confident enough. It compares you to others, makes you feel guilty, and continually judges you.  You would never speak to anyone else the way you speak to yourself – Right?

This is more common than you realise. Some people are born with the mindset and subconscious program that they can do anything; they believe anything is possible and they have the confidence to back themselves. The majority of people are born with that inner critic that is self-sabotaging their success.  

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