What do you think about money?

A recent conversation I had with a business owner demonstrated how the mental conversations with money were affecting his business. He was undercharging and knocking down prices as he didn’t feel he could charge the amount that he was worth or people wouldn’t work with him. He also didn’t like sending out invoices as he didn’t like asking for money.

Your thoughts your feelings and your actions are creative. If this is the case what are your thoughts about money when you are:

Spending it ?
Receiving it?
Asking for it?

Really become aware of the mental conversations that you have. Are they coming from a lack mentality ie. “I can’t afford it”, “I have to go without” , or from a place of prosperity, ie. “More money is coming to me”.

Do you like to part with your money or do you want to hold on to it?

I love working with people to understand this better and bring more money into their lives.

Focus for the week. What do you think and feel about money?

Have a fantastic start to your week!!!


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