What happens when you make a mistake?

Do you get that dropped sinking feeling in your stomach, the sweaty palms?

That self- talk of what will others think of me,

“I can’t believe I have done that”,

“Who have I let down?

The foreboding feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment perhaps?

Most people have been conditioned to not make mistakes, based on the parenting, experiences and schooling you have received. This can set you up for the fear of failure. But the reality is very different. Mistakes happen every day in the workplace and it is how you handle them that is key.

Imagine that you have been booked as a key speaker for both a morning and afternoon session for a conference. You have sent off your worksheets and activities for the handouts to be printed. You have a presentation ready in your mind from a previous session that requires a bit of tweaking. You have booked your accommodation. You have organised after school activities and overnight stays for your children while you are away. You have re-organised appointments with current clients and just taking the dogs for a walk before you head off for your destination. It’s a beautiful day and you are enjoying the sunshine, the waves on the beach. You  A text comes through on your phone indicating that you are meant to be presenting that day in 10 minutes. Where are you?

Oh dear. A BIG mistake has been made. The wrong date has been in put in the calendar. The sessions were THURSDAY not Friday !!!! The conference is 2 ½ hrs away. You are not in work clothes, 5 minutes from home and your presentation needs tweaking !!!

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