What is your story?

Ever wondered why things happen as they do?

“All that you think, desire and love, all that you consent to as true, all that you believe is what shows up in your outer world.” Neville Goddard

Last week I asked my clients the following two questions:

1. What have been your mental conversations over the past 24 hours?
2. What assumptions are you making as a result?

Spend 10 minutes today – 5 minutes on each and become aware of which space you are coming from. Is it fear, lack , abundance, acceptance, etc? This is your current story.

If it’s not how you would like to be, create the mental conversation that you would like to have instead and make new assumptions. And then practise this new story.

Thoughts create. What are you creating with your thoughts? If you don’t like what is showing up, recreate what you are thinking. If you need help, reach out to me here.

Remembering today the brave souls of the ANZACS and taking a moment to pay our respects.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead!!


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